About All Over Beauty By Tye

All Over Beauty By Tye 

Creator Latonya Dillon established her brand from the ground up. While working the swing and graveyard shifts of 2 retail jobs. Going through an abusive marriage,suffering from several  miscarriages all the while struggling with being dyslexic. She went from taking care of her now 7 year old daughter as a single parent to taking care of her 2 daughter alone, starting over after leaving her husband and having nothing. She quickly realized there was more to life than working for someone else, wanting to show her daughters more to life. She decided to take that risk and pursue her dreams by creating something of her own that’s how All Over Beauty by Tye came about.  Represents the California life style of beautiful weather, west coast hip- hop and Hollywood glamour, and so much more . All over beauty by Tye is for women that aren’t afraid of getting back out there and starting over! Saying I can instead of I can’t! So "My message for young women out there, is that you have to trust your struggle."All of the struggles you go through in life are preparing you for greatness. Once you learn how powerful you are nothing or No one can stop you." "Trust in Gods plain he won’t  let you down."

Yes. All Over Beauty by Tye is for women who are un-apologetically fearless, who believes  that doing the right thing is glamorous, and being a boss of your own life is the only way to live.  Latonya designs her cosmetics line with the intention to give women an extra boost of confidence and hope that when you step out into the world you feel more powerful wearing All Over Beauty by Tye.